Clients and Services

Corprate Branding Manufactiring

8 x straight sewing machines                      4 x over lockers,
1 x buttonhole machine                               1x drying wrack
1 x flossing machine                                     1 x cutting machines
1 x button sewer                                           2 x steam irons
2 x double needle machine                        1 x Presser and
1 x hemming machine                                 1 x bar tuck
1 x Colour Sole (Screen Printing Machine)

Printing Machinery and Delivery
Whether it is a wedding card, a business card, or a gift card. Whether it template for a letter, a calendar business getter, or a simple newsletter. We have a team of designers ready with creative ideas to turn that thought into reality. We have designed diaries, forms, and books. We have published magazines, newsletters, and event programmes. When it comes to converting ideas into perfect designs, we have the right team ready and willing to work for you.

Currently we have the following factory machinery:

1 x Kord machine                          3 x Heidelberg Platen machine
1 x Herold Guillotine (RA1)           2 x Fuji 50
1 x Plate Maker                             1 x Drilling Machine

Delivery Vehicles

We have seven (7) vehicles namely,
1 x Mercedes Benz
1 x Toyota Runx
1 x Toyota Sprinter
1 x Nissan Sunny – for sales and marketing
1 x Alteza- for the marketing purposes as well as the day to day running of the business.
6) 1 x T35-Toyace lorry – for purchasing of raw materials and delivery of finished products.
7) 1 x Mazda B1800 – for delivery of finished products.

Our Valued Clients