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G.M & S Printers (Private) Limited is a limited liability company, which is incorporated under the laws of the state of Zimbabwe. Its internal ultimate authority is the Board of Directors.The main departments include:• Finance & Administration• Sales & Marketing• Production and Operations• Technical support
why choose us

We operate as a niche market, i.e. we offer our services according to customer’s specifications since
these specifications vary from one client to another.  After a request for a quota on has been raised we then provide the quota on accordingly.  Our quotations are normally valid for 30 Calendar Days.

We can either start from designing or the customer will provide the art work on flash or CD saved as print
ready copy. When being provided with the artwork GM&S Printers P/L cannot be held responsible for
poor quality pictures.  Final design must be signed for before commencement of work.

Our prices range on market prices, we offer best prices.  Payments can be done in form of Cash, Bank Transfers and Cheques.  Our payment terms vary from C.O.D to 30 days account depending on the arrangement between the
client and G.M&S Printers P/L.

We normally delivery within 7 working days depending with the volume of work to be done but as of urgent jobs we give them first preference.  Our delivery period is normally stated on the quota on depending on the size of the order. However we  can be flexible depending on how urgent the job will be.  Delivery of goods shall be done at the client’s offices unless an arrangement has been made for you to
come collect at our offices.

See what we can do for your business, Advance your business. All your printing needs.  G.M. & S Printers (Pvt) Ltd – the market leading professional printing service provider.


G.M. & S Printers (Pvt) Ltd is committed to being the market leading professional service provider in the entire sector offering world class services. Since forma on the company has been emphasizing the need for honesty and high quality end – products.


We are dedicated to growing and developing our people and business, through tireless efforts to ensure that the expectations of all our valued customers through:

  • Quality products
  • Understanding the needs and requirements of our valued customers
  • Providing an innovative products and value added services
  • Providing value and consistence